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Kimberly Maich, Registered Psychologist #654 (NL), Clinical Psychologist #7252 (ON), Board-Certified Behaviour Analyst (Doctoral) #1-15-18468, Certified Teacher #510494 (ON)

Dr. Kimberly Maich

Kimberly Maich is a Registered Psychologist in the province of Newfoundland & Labrador and a Clinical Psychologist in the province of Ontario. Clinically, she focuses on assessments of children, youth, and adults with neurodevelopmental issues (e.g., autism spectrum disorder, specific learning disorders, ADHD) and behavioural consultation. Kimberly also offers no-fee brief consultations around the assessment process or single-session (fee-based) appointments that include brief consultations around the assessment process with assessment screening. She also enjoys counselling youth and adults with neurodevelopmental diagnoses or identifications as well as youth and adults with general mental health concerns focused on changing their life circumstances. 

As well as owning her own private practice (Exceptionally Yours Psychological Services), she is currently a full, tenured professor in the Faculty of Education at Memorial University, researching, teaching, and providing community service primarily in the field of autism. Her recent books include ASD in the Canadian Context, Reframing Mental Health in schools: Using Case Stories to Promote Global Dialogue, and Leadership for Inclusive Schools: Cases from Principals for Supporting Students with Special Educational Needs. Kimberly is also a Board-Certified Behaviour Analyst (Doctoral), an Ontario Certified Teacher, and a special education specialist, using these experiences to inform her assessment and counselling practice. In addition to her undergraduate degrees in psychology, education, and inclusive education, Kimberly’s assessment work is also impacted by her graduate degrees: MEd (Exceptionalities) from Memorial University, MADS (ABA) from Brock University, MEd (Counselling Psychology) from Memorial University, and PhD (Cognition & Learning) from Brock University. Kimberly is a proud parent three grown neurodiverse children, a delighted grandparent to two rambunctious grandsons, and a busy dog-mom to two adorable puppies.

Fee Information:

As of January 2022, Kimberly’s fees are $200 per clinical hour; however, assessments services typically have a flat rate fee and vary depending on the type and depth of assessment. Please check with your insurance company to see if your psychological services are covered and if there are any requirements for that coverage. For example, some insurance companies require a physician’s referral.  Kimberly bills through QuickBooks and clients can pay with credit card or e-transfer and a receipt will be issued for insurance and tax purposes.  Kimberly is a provider for Qualipu First Nation Non-Insured Health Benefit, Salvation Army, Newfoundland & Labrador Teachers Association, and Public Service Commission EAPs, as well as Veterans Affairs Canada, RCMP, and the Canadian Armed Forces


Dr. Kimberly Maich

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